Memory Obsessed!

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From a really young age I was obsessed with photographs – whether looking at grainy, crinkled ones of my Grandparents or taking swish polaroids of my Barbies going on holiday in the garden, I just couldn’t get enough. Apart from, what I now realise was a lurking interest in composition and light, I just wanted to document everything for the sake of itEven Ken climbing up a plant would demand a photoshoot. I quickly progressed on to film, and became equally enamoured with that as a medium to document. Even the most seemingly mundane things like a ladybird perching on a blade of grass would trigger me to go running into the house to plead to borrow the camcorder.

The thing is, it wasn’t just the act of documenting itself that captured my attention. I would pore over photographs of my parents and grandparents for hours, captivated by the window these images provided into a life before I existed. Some of my own favourite memories are sitting with my parents while they showed me their family photographs and shared the stories they would inspire. I suppose it is this that I am trying to celebrate and encourage – collective memory sharing and story telling as a day to day part of life. The insights I gained into my parents and grandparents as individual human beings (as opposed to annoying grown ups who told me off for dragging mud into the house!) was primarily through gradually getting to know them; one photograph, one story, at a time.

To indulge my own little hobby of story telling, documenting and remembering, I’ve started this blog… I’m not fully sure what form it’s going to take yet, but feel free to pass on your own favourite stories from the past. It could be our own little Memory Hub. Let’s see what happens!

Barbies and Babies – My poor little sister was sometimes a co-model…


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